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How it works

Everything is much easier with only 4 steps

You need to register and send an invoice from one of the jurisdictions. The customer will send the money, and we will transfer it to you.

Open a Paily account once in just a couple of minutes
Quick registration by mail
Legally clean service
Step 1

Choose a jurisdiction

You can skip that step and send invoice to customers without choosing jurisdiction

Step 2

Send invoice to customer

The possibility of insuring the transaction amount

Opportunity to work with customers all over the world

No administrative and accounting work

Step 3

Recieve money on Paily account

Integration with Paily Debit Card

Possibility of transfer to any account of any bank

No payments for transfers

Step 4

Withdraw money to your card

The percentage of withdrawal is only 3.99%

No additional charges when withdrawing

Receive payment and withdraw funds immediately after completion of work

How it works without Paily

Invoice your client with any of the following jurisdictions

Each business client has a preferred jurisdiction. You can invoice your US client with Paily (Singapore). Invoice your client from Austria with Paily (Germany). Or invoice Malaysia with Paily (Hong Kong).

Get free access
Get free access


Large companies and small customers

Send a professional invoice to your clients without having your own company.

Get paid in your preferred currency

Paily supports multicurrency accounts. Get billed and pay in your preferred currency.

Working around the world

You can work with clients all over. Get paid for the work done and don't worry about any administrative work.

Safe deal keeps you protected

Protect the bills and purchases that you pay for through your Paily account. Get a safe deal for an extra fee.

If you can't work you don't need to worry about falling behind on your bills. Bill protection will give you peace of mind and help you cover bills you usually pay from your Paily account.


Calculate the amount you'll receive with a transaction commision of 3.99%

No one-time fees, no monthly fees. The commission is automatically deducted from the amount you withdraw.

Invoice amount


The applied rate is 3.99%

€ 39,90

You'll receive

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I have double-checked and I am aware that the information provided is correct and ready to be reviewed by Paily.

Optimize your payment accruals

No need to manage your own company. You can start invoicing customers and contractors from any part of the globe without having to deal with all the bureaucracy. Save your time and effort with a simple setup in Paily.

No need to manage your own company. You can start invoicing customers from any part of the globe without having to deal with all the bureaucracy. Save your time and effort with a simple setup in Paily.

Here's a quick video overview

Lets imagine that your are a freelance programmer. Over the past month, you have finished three projects for three different customers. The first one is from the USA, the second is from Malaysia, and the third is from Austria.

Each customer would like to receive an invoice from a specific jurisdiction and that's where Paily comes in handy.

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General questions

  • What is Paily?
    Paily is a web-application, that provides freelancers with Paily’s virtual company services. This allows freelancers to invoice their clients and receive payments, without dealing with all the «owning-a-business headache». Freelancers focus on what they are good at and let Paily take care about the bureaucracy and company administration.
  • How does it work?
    Paily provides people with a legitimate business without them having to create or deal with a personal company. For example: a client asked his freelancer to invoice from a specific company location. So a freelancer either creates a local company in that country from scratch, pays all the lawyers, notaries, founding and maintenance costs. Or the freelancer can just register in Paily and invoice his clients in a matter of minutes.
  • How does Paily work in terms of laws?
    The freelancer is a contractor who provides services or performs works for his clients. When he accepts the General Terms & Conditions, Paily becomes the agent of the freelancer and acts exclusively on behalf of the freelancer. Acting on behalf of the freelancer, Paily is entitled to issue invoices paid by freelancer's clients. Under the General Terms & Conditions, the invoice itself is considered as an offer to conclude the contract which is accepted by the payment of the invoice. Paily itself is not a party to the contract concluded between the freelancer and his client because Paily is acting on behalf of the freelancer.
  • Advantages of having a Virtual Company rather than a Local Company?
    You save your time, your money and your nerves. The costs of managing your own company may vary from 300€ to 50000€. With Paily you 7 automated companies in your hands to invoice your clients.
  • What types of businesses does Paily support?
    Paily can support pretty much everything but selling physical goods, dropshipping and anything that may be connected "dark" accounting. But name any digital service, Paily got you covered.
  • I live in [insert country name], can I use Paily?
    You may register even if you are from Mars. Alright, jokes aside, Paily is on its way to becoming a global IT service. It is growing and getting better thanks to the feedback from our supportive freelancer community. Referring to nowadays, you may register from any open legal country.
  • Do I need to be incorporated to use Paily?
    No. You do not need to be incorporated as a company to use Paily. The idea behind using a Paily is related to physical entities that provide their digital services to their clients.
  • What documents do I have to provide in order to get verified?
    We suggest you to prepare your national ID card / your passport / drivers license and an okay camera to make the shots. In rare cases, Paily may require a Proof of Address (a phone or electricity bill, or a bank statement).
  • Got a question that does not have an answer here. What should I do?
    Looks like you got a non-frequently asked question. Congratulations! Make sure to send a message to Paily’s Support Team. They will do their best to help you out. And maybe even give you a present.

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