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Paily is a fast-growing startup. It is based on creating a seamless payment gateway, that shall increase the collaboration between freelancers and their clients.
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Paily is constantly growing and expanding it's services to the global market. Freelancers can provide their digital services to any client from any part of the world. A fully automated company provider for a commission of 3,99% per withdrawal.
> 2 500 Freelancers served
> 12 M € Transactions yearly
> 300 000 € Share capital
7 Jurisdictions
All projects are synchronized on the Paily System and are parts of a large whole Paily.
Paily Freelance
Paily helps the multimillion-dollar freelance market to work seamlessly with companies around the world. Choose the optimal jurisdiction, fill in the data and send a professional invoice to your client without having to manage your own company.
Paily Business
Paily helps businesses manage their projects with a large number of freelancers or remote workers in one web application, providing a complete package of closing accounting documents from legal entities in any convenient jurisdiction.
Paily Debit card
The Paily Debit Card is integrated into the Paily ecosystem. Users have the opportunity to use a physical and virtual card to make instant payments, payments from card to card, currency exchange, purchase cryptocurrencies and receive cashback.

Historical facts

July 19 2021

Capital increase

Paily AS has increased it’s capital to 300,000€.
July 10 2021

Fintech project

Paily has gathered a group of advisors to create a strategical roadmap to convert Paily into a Fintech project.
June 4 2021

Paily Remote Pro Solutions

Paily has established a company in Scotland - Paily Remote Pro Solutions. The goal of this company is to provide acquiring services to Paily’s clients.
June 2 2021

Paily Freelance Limited

Paily has established a company in Hong Kong - Paily Freelance Limited.
February 1 2021

Board of Directors

Paily OÜ has been reformed and evolved to Paily AS and gathered a board of directors Alex Verner, Aleksei Dohin and Aleksejs Pravotorovs with a managing director Nadezda Grigorjeva.
December 2 2020

Paily Pro Pte

Paily has established a company in Singapore - Paily Pro Pte.
October 12 2020

Paily Processing OÜ

Paily has established an Estonian company - Paily Processing OÜ with a share capital of 12,000€.
July 20 2020

The first service

Paily has launched the first basic invoicing service for freelancers.
July 13 2020

Capital increase

Paily OÜ registered it’s shares in NASDAQ Riga. The capital has been increased to 25,000€.
June 17 2020

Assembled a team

We have assembled a team to develop a web application. The team’s goal was to create a product for a business that works with freelancers.
June 26 2020

Registration Daily LTD

Company registration in the United Kingdom - Paily LTD.
March 20 2020

Provision of services

Paily started providing services for freelancers and launched a prototype for closed testing.

Сontinuous growth

We provide people with companies from 7 different countries to cover every part of the world. Planning to make our next big move soon!

Paily's principles


Equality between every human being, we care about every person


Developing a product is a never ending process, we keep an eye on feedback


Availability of work in different parts of the world


Priority of users, their safety and convenience

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